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Albert Avdolyan the holder of the assets of Chemezov and Kabaeva located in Dubai

22.12.2022 11:45

Elena Avdolian and Albert Avdolyan The creator of Yota Albert Avdolyan loves silence. Anyway, almost nothing is known about him, a man who by Forbes had become dollar billionaires by 2021, silence.

And money loves silence too. Especially the money is big.

And even more silence is loved by people with a lot of money. That’s why they probably love Albert Avdolyan. Somehow it so happened that the real estate of different famous people who suddenly decided to get rid of it or hide it fell into the property of this imperceptible businessman.

Алина Кабаева

Alina Kabaeva

The acquisition tued out to be noble – today an allotment of such an area on the same Novoarkhangelskaya Street can cost about 200 million rubles, but for some reason the former athlete did not like it. Four years later, without building anything on these forest hectares, Kabaeva ceded them to little-known entrepreneur Albert Avdolyan. No ads for the sale of that land could be found in public access. Perhaps the deal was on the backstage, between its own.

Interestingly, Avdolyan himself also did not need to acquire at all. He didn’t use it either. One of the sites was cut into two and immediately after the events in Ukraine was sold, they are now owned by little-known people. The new owner of another plot, next to Zubkov’s dacha, is modestly classified in Rosreestr. It is possible that after overexposure, he retued to the original mistress.

Сергей Чемезов (слева) и Альберт Авдолян

Sergey Chemezov (left) and Albert Avdolyan

But this, of course, is not all. In Barvikha, the family of Chemezov’s friend Vitaly Mashchitsky re-registered their property on Avdolyan. Later, this good became the property of the Russian Federation, under whose name Igor Sechin is allegedly hiding.

There, in Barvikha, last year Avdolyan became the owner of a huge 7,600 m2 mansion, which previously belonged to his wife, and even earlier to the family of Dmitry Yakubovsky, a legendary lawyer with great ties in Israel and Russia, against whom bankruptcy proceedings were introduced. Now this exclusive property in the form of the Star of David is decorated for a seemingly Orthodox Armenian.

Compromat.Ru: 75785

Mansion in Beverly Hills In addition, Elena Avlolian has a separate estate in Barvikha, near the “Star of David” recorded on her husband. And also our own mansions on Ostozhenka. In a residential complex of six five-storey residences “Noble Row” of Ultra-luxury class, she owns two of them at once, worth one and a half billion rubles each. Five-storey two-access apartment of 900 square meters!

Compromat.Ru: 75786

Five-storey apartment on Ostozhenka The facades of the building are inspired by the best examples of French neoclassicism. The decor is made of noble Portuguese limestone. In the arched openings there is a gate with an openwork forged patte. The patio has its own garden. The design by fashion designer Ralph Lauren is made in the British colonial style, with exclusive fuiture, textiles and even dishes. The kitchen is designed according to individual projects of the Christopher Peacock brand. The bathrooms are equipped with American waterworks plumbing. And on the top floor at Avdolyanov there is an elegant terrace with a panoramic view of the Kremlin. But it is not known whether the billionaire’s family owns all this wealth in their personal, or in someone else’s interests.@mafia_7ru, 23.04.2022 14:10: The ruiner of state banks Albert Avdolyan has five Maybachs and a wife. Elena Viktorovna Avdolian, 07.07.1973. The letter “I” in the suame has been replaced on purpose. To write property on your aunt and make it difficult to search. Elena is a citizen of Malta. But she grew up in Irkutsk, like her patron, the head of Rostec State Corporation Sergei Chemezov. Albert, being an obedient slave of Chemezov, founded a foundation for Irkutsk children. There are four on the board of the foundation – Chemezov, his wife and spouses Avdolyan-Avdolian. Such a family party. But why these formalities? Elena can sell her Maybach – give money to her children. And not only Maybachi:

Rolls-Royce Phantom R207PP197

Bentley Mulsan K401OS777

Bentley Continental (first) R579NA777

Bentley Continental (second) H777VK199

Bentley Continental А212СС97

Mercedes S63 AMG 4matic К888ВН777 and Е808АР799

Mercedes G63 АМG А888АА177

Mercedes G55 А888АА177

Mercedes GL500 А888АА177

Mercedes R500 К888НВ97

Audi А8L М325МЕ197

BMW 750LI xdrive Е090НХ77

Porsche cayenne turbo T777OE177

Porsche cayenne turbo M555EU199

And okay, Elena Avdolian would be the only wife of the creator of Yota. As the “Interlocutor” found out, the billionaire’s eldest children were registered in a 135-meter Moscow apartment designed for Silva Avdolyan (née Baghdasaryan), probably the first wife of the oligarch.

Compromat.Ru: 75787

Silva Avdolyan

It also has a 245-meter apartment in the residential complex “Italian Quarter” (it costs 200-300 million) in the capital. And also a converted almost 1000-meter mansion in Anapa (in Anapa Avdolyan has many relatives in Anapa, where other hotels of the resort are decorated).

In short, Albert Avdolyan generally has a lot of things – and money, and real estate, and companies, and connections, and relatives, who also have a lot of things… As they say, with such happiness – and at large, without any sanctions there.@poo_politika, 26.08.2022 17:10: Albert Avdolyan Chemezov’ At first, Avdolyan sat in Dubai. The entrepreneur is in no hurry to retu to Russia, as he is afraid of sanctions that may impose on him due to his proximity to the Kremlin. For the same reason, Avdolyan does not go to Europe, where he has real estate.

At the same time, Avdolyan became the new owner of Sibanthracite (ex-CEO of the company Maxim Barsky sold his share to Advolyan), whose former owner Dmitry Bosov committed suicide in May 2020, thus launching the “war” for his assets. This battle was very serious, because even his widow didn’t get anything.

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