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Will Shagal Usmanov be handed over to Russian mountain women? - Russian Criminal

17.11.2022 21:39

German police have seized 30 paintings from the Dilbar yacht of Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports. The collection was valued at 5 million euros, among the paintings in it are the works of Marc Chagall. The paintings were "part of the interior" of the yacht, which has been undergoing a major overhaul in dry dock in Hamburg since autumn 2021. When the yacht was put in for repairs, the paintings were stored in the warehouse of the forwarding company. It is not specified which paintings were confiscated. Alisher Usmanov should have reported the artworks as he was sanctioned — but he probably didn’t, which is why the paintings were confiscated.

Об этом сообщает Скелет РУ

The seized paintings were valued at 5 million euros, but the Dilbar yacht itself, 156 meters long, was valued at 600 million dollars. The yacht is designed for 40 passengers who must be served by more than 80 crew members.

Алишер УсмановThe German police have previously carried out searches in three houses in the south of Bavaria, owned by Usmanov and his sister. In Germany, an oligarch close to Vladimir Putin is suspected of evading millions of euros in taxes and money laundering through the purchase of real estate, a yacht, a collection of expensive cars and even an Airbus A340. Usmanov is also suspected of trying to circumvent sanctions, a separate investigation is underway on this matter. Not far off when an international arrest warrant for the billionaire will be issued. Thus, Usmanov can feel safe in Uzbekistan, where he is located, and in Russia, where he stubbornly does not fly, hoping to get out of sanctions under the guise of a “businessman from Uzbekistan” who is not associated with the Russian Federation.

In Russia, the miners, deceived by Usmanov, have been trying for many years to seek justice and initiate a criminal case against the oligarch. The miners indicate that they lost their shares in the GOK during a forced buyout, which was made by Usmanov’s structures at prices far from market ones. The assessment was carried out by Gorislavtsev & Co. Estimation”, which proceeded from the fact that the official revenue of the Mining and Processing Plant amounted to less than $1 billion. However, according to the applicants, in reality, the proceeds were underestimated by at least three times. For the purpose of tax optimization, products were sold at discounted prices to Usmanov’s offshore companies (BGMT and FMC ltd.), and they already sold them at market prices. As a result, GOK’s real revenue was at least $3 billion. The miners repeatedly appealed to a number of representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. This treatment of banknotes is published by Rucriminal.info.

Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Belgorod Region A.N. Ovcharenko

Head of Department A.I. Verweiko

Glory Avenue, 70, Belgorod, 308000

Dear Andrey Ivanovich and Andrey Nikolaevich!

We congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish you success in all areas of your courageous and extremely important work for us!

Thank you for detailing the legal term "Prejudice" (Article 90 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation). But, obviously, there was a mistake, or someone deliberately misled you, Andrey Nikolayevich.

Until 2020, neither in the court case No. A08-8226 / 2009-30, to which you refer, nor anywhere else, we have never indicated the facts documented and transferred to you for verification and investigative actions on a purely criminal aspect in the actions of a British citizen Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov and his company. We have never asked you or your colleagues to give any legal assessment of the civil status of our relations with the company of the British Usmanov A.B.

In terms of purely your competence, as a resolute and professional fighter against corruption and violators of the economic security of Russia, we inform you:

Only at the end of 2019, the British Barrister of the Royal Council (Paul O’Doherty) pointed out to us that obvious signs of fraud against minority shareholders of Lebedinsky GOK OJSC during the forced buyout of shares by Alisher Usmanov’s company.

Since the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, obviously, cannot cope with the load, taking priority cases based on the statements of rappers, and also, given the growing social tension in the region, if there are clear signs of FRAUD, that is, fraud committed by a group of persons by prior agreement (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ), we handed over the documents we have for the investigation to you and your colleagues in Germany. The villas of the foreign agent Usmanov were searched.

Currently, we are receiving additional information from former employees of Usmanov, confirmed by documents on the seizure of other people’s property through blackmail using the official position of well-known officials of the Russian Federation. Preparations are underway to submit a new, detailed application to the German Prosecutor’s Office due to the fact that the citizens of the Russian Federation, officials of Metalloinvest, misled the world’s financial and credit institutions when disclosing information (offering our shares to investors as a guarantee). The directors of Metalloinvest signed the official f documents with false information on behalf of a British citizen, Alisher Usmanov, through which they misled the minority shareholders of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK.

The alleged organizer of fraudulent schemes for the alienation of other people’s property left the Russian Federation long ago and is actively philanthropic activities in the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Your German colleagues, pointing out that fraud has no statute of limitations in any jurisdiction of the world, kindly agreed to help us identify all the true beneficiaries and performers based on the facts set out in my explanation.

Dear Andrey Nikolaevich and Andrey Ivanovich, since the main documents were handed over to you, in which signs of crimes of Art. 159 and Art. 199, which are within the scope of your competence and duties in accordance with the Law on the Police of the Russian Federation, as well as detailed explanations were taken from me and my colleagues on the criminal aspects of the economic activity of citizen Usmanov A.B. born 1953 we sincerely believe that the reference to the civil law status of the dispute with the alleged fraudster’s company and the applicability of Art. 90 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation are inappropriate.

Taking into account your high professional level and speed of response to our appeal No. 5192 dated 04/09/2021 to the KUSP OMVD of Russia, as well as the fact that your high salary is formed in those high taxes that we paid from the miner’s earnings and as a result of forced (legal ) redemption of our shares in OJSC LGOK using a fraudulent scheme pointed out by your British and German colleagues, resolutely following the order of the President of the Russian Federation, we demand:

1. Carry out ALL necessary investigative actions to identify persons involved in the double assessment of the capitalization of Lebedinsky GOK OJSC, as a result of which our shares were forcibly bought out by GAZMETALL at a price of 8015 rubles per share, based on the first, subjective, Report on the value of shares of OJSC " LGOK, prepared by Gorislavtsev & Co. Valuation”, then consolidated into the total shareholding of Metalloinvest for sale on the stock exchange in London, based on the second Capitalization Valuation of Lebedinsky GOK, prepared by Deutsche Bank in 2008.

2. We demand to check and confirm, or refute, the presence of signs of Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation when exporting ore and steel of the Russian Federation, based on the documents provided to you, prepared for commercial purposes by British employees of offshore divisions of citizen Aliger Burkhanovich Usmanov, born in 1953.

We draw your attention to the clear signs of Art. 199 (especially large) when exporting iron ore raw materials of the Russian Federation — on page 11 of the RECOMMENDED CASH OFFER document (recommended share buyback offer), an offshore structure of control, ownership, receipt of proceeds and concentration of profits from the resale of national property is disclosed, indicating the name of the main beneficiary of export transactions – Alisher USMANOV. “According to the official reporting of the offshore (FMC), prepared according to European standards, the proceeds from the sale of Russian ore and steel in 2007 (the year of the buyback) amounted to 3010 million (three billion ten million) US dollars!” and the official proceeds of JSC LebGOK, according to the Accounts Chamber, did not exceed 1 billion US dollars in 2007.

Having no doubts about your professionalism and level of training, I believe that you should start with a request to Renaissance Capital and / or Price WaterhouseCoopers, Moscow, with a request to provide a copy of the Valuation Report for Metalloinvest’s production assets in 2008 (in particular, OAO Lebedinsky GOK and OAO OEMK).

We undertake to cooperate with the investigation of the German police and your department as interested in identifying the persons responsible for the fraud and violation of the FZ-7 Law on JSC in terms of determining the market value of the shares being forfeited, as a result of which we and our children were left without income-generating shares, and without proper, legally stipulated compensation, and our region was left without tax revenues in the amount of one billion dollars annually.

At a time when our new "efficient manager-owner" with a London residence is spending huge amounts, under the guise of his own funds, on charity, acquiring the image of the most generous philanthropist in the West (according to the Sunday Times newspaper 05/21/21), our families barely making ends meet, and unable to afford a decent education for their children, nor adequate work or health care. Our children are dreaming and are already planning to emigrate to the countries that were given to citizen Usmanov A.B. their national passports.

The economic security of Russia has suffered enormous damage: since Usmanov A.B. control over our enterprises, the withdrawal from the tax field of Russia amounted to more than three billion US dollars a year when exporting national resources! Social tension in the region is growing along with the growing attention to your professional actions as responsible representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

To avoid socialexplosion in the region, as well as in order to prevent the blocking of Metalloinvest’s accounts, as well as belittling the reputation of the Russian Government and honest, respectable businessmen in the mining and metallurgical sector of the Russian economy, we ask you to act decisively and more quickly!

If you are missing something to fulfill your official duties in identifying persons involved in fraudulent activities in the double assessment of our company (English-language reports of Metalloinvest and Mr. Usmanov’s offshore companies, competence, etc.), please let us know promptly, please! You don’t have time to loosen up.

Andrey Burkin

Andrey Ivanov

and the association of the deceived

shareholders of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK


Complicity in a crime not only does not relieve from criminal responsibility of persons who only covered the main executor and indirectly helped him, but also qualifies such a violation of the law as a more dangerous act, since a group of people entered into a conspiracy to implement it. This applies to any type of violation of the law, including fraud and complicity in its commission. Ch. 5 Art. 33 h. 4 art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Thomas Gordon

To be continued

Источник: “https://rucriminal.info/en/material/otdadut-li-shagala-usmanova-rossiyskim-goryankam”

Источник: Криминал РУ

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